Here you’ll find a range of online tools that have been put in place to make working at the college easier.

Staff can access ESS from their own devices by  and using their usual username and password.

Staff members can access their college email account wherever they are, via any web browser, simply  and log in with your username and password.

Staff can access Office 365 applications, including Teams, . Log in with your and password.

Staff can gain external access to the college’s staff intranet from any computer; simply log in with your username and password.

You can access your old emails in the .

Logging in to the system is a little different to webmail. Instead of your usual email address, you’ll need to enter:

[Network Login] (Network Login is the login you usually use on College computers).

Then, enter your network password.

Forgotten your password or need to change it? Simply .

Keep up-to-date, collaborate and access everything you need for your course.

View ILP data, unit and assessment grades online.

  •  – Remote access to reports for our external partners.

If you require remote access to the college network and do not have access to a college laptop, please use to access instructions regarding how you can install the VMWare View Horizon client on your home PC or laptop.

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