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Media students demonstrate talent and strive for success in regional competition 

It seems that there was not an obstacle that our Level 1 and Level 2 media students couldn’t handle in a recent competition in Blackpool. 
Through months of preparation and perseverance, hours of using hot glue guns and practicing mock time trials, our students truly demonstrated that their hard work and determination was worth it.  

City of Bristol students won the following accolades:  

Gold 1st Place in Body Art by Lydia – Theatrical Make-up Level 3 student 

Gold 1st Place in Editorial Make-up by Tunisha – Media Make-up Level 2 student 

Silver 2nd place in Body Art by Melissa – Theatrical Make-up Level 3 student 

We are incredibly proud of our students and the sheer effort and talent that they have used to propel to success in this competition.   

To highlight their efforts further, one of the media lecturers stated: “The standard this year at nationals was incredibly high, I would say higher than I have seen in a long while and definitely more competitors than we’ve seen for a few years.” 

Not only did this competition bring an immense feeling of pride to our students and their parents but it also allowed for friendships to form. In day-to-day college life, our Level 1 and Level 2 media students may not necessarily mix but this competition has allowed for new friendships to blossom and has brought our students even closer. 

One of our students, Amber-Lily, stated: “I took part in the competition as a model for the editorial, we practiced most weeks before the competition.  
“I really enjoyed the experience; it improved my confidence and communication with other students in different classes. I made a lot of new friends, and the experience has made me want to progress to media make up next year.’’  

Another student, Kimberley-Anne, said: “It was an amazing experience and made us all work as a team to support each other. It was stressful but having the support from the other competitors from the college made you want to try your utmost no matter the circumstances.’’ 

We would like to extend our gratitude to our lecturers who have encouraged students and their impressive skillsets, as well as to Karen Caddy who ordered multiple items from sites for our students.  

If you would like to discover more about our media courses, please visit our website. 

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