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777ӰԺ is committed to being as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Some of our architecture is historic, which makes some access requirements difficult to accommodate, but we are always looking for ways to improve the experience people have when working, studying or visiting here.

Below is some information about accessibility at 777ӰԺ:


777ӰԺ has a detailed  with clear advice and information on accessibility across the whole site.

Accessibility information for all Cambridge colleges can be found on the University’s 

Student applications

 contains lots of useful information about . Prospective applicants are encouraged to  at any point in the application process. Enquiries before application are welcomed.

 can be found on the Postgraduate Admissions Office website.

Prospective applicants are also welcome to contact our Tutorial department with any queries about their application or accessibility requirements for admissions interviews.


We have some accessible  and  accommodation. Students with any access requirements or questions are encouraged to email our Student Rooms team.

We have one wheelchair accessible guest room in our West Court accommodation, complete with a wet room. If you have any further queries please .


Information about the Library's accessibility can be found on the .


We have two accessible parking spaces which can be found to the left of the Boaty Arch. Enter via the Victoria Avenue gate then turn left when you reach the College buildings.

If you are visiting West Court you may find it easier to park in the accessible bays on Jesus Lane near Pizza Express and Primo Cycles; they are geographically closer to that part of the College and the walk to the building is cobble and step-free.


We have several fully accessible event spaces. We aim to offer all attendees assistance on arrival where needed, but if you have specific requirements, please 

More information can be found in the 

Website and intranet accessibility

We are committed to making online content accessible for all users. If you have any questions or encounter an issue, please contact the Communications Office. Please include the relevant URL(s) in your message and, if possible, a screenshot of the issue.

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